Respect, passion and values, but also hard work and a strong team spirit: this is the philosophy that for over 50 years has made Difa Cooper a successful company in the dermatological field, and this year has allowed it to be recognised as one of the Best Work Places Italia 2017, the ranking of the country’s best places of work compiled by Great Place to Work®. A prestigious award reaffirming an important mission: high growth prospects where every employee is considered an active part of the company, so that engagement and empowerment have always been the company’s palpable values​.

A cornerstone of Difa Cooper’s success is the contribution of every single person, fundamental in establishing and achieving important goals through cooperation and teamwork, the indispensable principles that have allowed it to become one of the Best Work Places Italia 2017. Work is not just a job but the result of flexibility and design, listening and discussion, availability and recognition: the primary purpose is to consolidate a culture of merit on the basis of achieving agreed goals.

“From human resource management, communication, and business initiatives, it is perceived that the focus at Difa Cooper is on people. “stated Stefano Fatelli, Chief Executive Officer of Difa Cooper.” The environment is extremely informal and familiar, communication takes place in a transparent manner and the staff is involved in the decision making. In its rating, “Great Place to Work® also took into account the special programmes provided to employees, such as the creation of a sports area and a relaxation room, to create a space for relaxation and discussion, the stipulation of an accident policy and a supplementary health insurance extended to the whole family. In addition, to help them achieve a good work-private life balance, Difa Cooper reduced working time on Friday, offered co-financing of nursery costs for up to 50% and launched a project that provides a bi-annual check-up, the intervention of a nutritionist and suggestions for skin care and its pathologies.

Finally, there are numerous social responsibility initiatives that have made Difa Cooper become one of the Best Work Places Italia 2017: with 71% of the workforce being women, special attention has been paid to health and prevention, leading to the company actively supporting the Bollini Rosa Project of the National Women’s Health Observatory (Onda), and supporting the “The Strength and Smile Onlus” association, which helps cancer-affected women to improve their appearance and psychophysical well-being.


Difa Cooper is a dermatology company that has been operating in the Italian market for over 50 years. In 2003 it became part of the Cantabria Labs multinational group, Industrial Pharmaceutica Cantabria, leader in the production and marketing of dermatological products and present in more than 80 countries around the world. Today, like 55 years ago, Difa Cooper is an important company for all skin care professionals with a portfolio of products that can handle all dermatology needs, ranging from common pathologies to new aesthetic trends. All its product lines have been developed based on unique and patented active ingredients, the result of a study and selection of the most innovative solutions. This process is supported by continued medical research in collaboration with the major university dermatology centres worldwide and it provides articles to the most authoritative international scientific journals. Medical and pharmaceutical information are the exclusive channels Difa Cooper considers in its strategic approach.

Rafa Nadal