Our Cantabria Labs Group inaugurated the construction work for the new eco-sustainable manufacturing centrein La Concha, Cantabria on 10 October, as well as a new research and innovation centre. The group has invested 20 million Euros in this project which will be completed in about two years and will result in the creation of about 120 new jobs.

Juan Matji, CEO of Cantabria Labs, explained to EFE that it is an eco-sustainable business project due to the natural resources the area offers, such as the source of thermal water that, with its 38 degrees Celsius, allows energy saving and better environmental protection.

The new Cantabria Labs manufacturing centre will cover 62,000 square metres, allowing the creation of two large greenhouses in an area of ​​2,500 square metres, which will be a specialised experimental centre for plant cultivation for medicinal purposes.

The forecast is for the company to achieve a ten-fold increase in production capacity, which currently produces 30 million products per year. In addition to its presence in Cantabria and Madrid, Cantabria Labs has branches in five countries: China, Morocco, Portugal, Germany and Italy and distributes

10-ottobre inaugurazione Centro produttivo
inaugurazione nuovo centro produttivo Cantabria Labs