Cosmetici Magistrali Pure Perfection Nourishing Anti-wrinkle Ampoules

Concentrated anti-wrinkle treatment
Concentrated treatment with the exclusive Oleo-Complex Instant Repair based on a mix of valuable oils and vegetable extracts.

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Instant Repair Oleo-Complex 13%

Rice Oil, Argan Oil, Rose Mosquito Oil, rich in tocopherols, polyphenols and fatty acids Omega-6, it has a nutritious and elasticizing effect. The Vitamin E has a protective effect. Ginko Biloba extract helps to reduce wrinkles and protects the microcircle of the more fragile and delicate sin. The skin will gain comfort and new vigor, appearing more healthy and toned. Suitable for thin skin and skin marked by wrinkles.

Apply the contents of an ampoule with a gentle massage on a cleansed and dry face, neck and lower part of the neck. The contents of the ampoule are dosed for at least 2 applications. If necessary, close the ampoule with the dosing spout provided and store in a cool and dry place.