Endocare Ampoules 1 ml

Regenerating effect Ampoules.
High revitalizing and anti-aging serum for the face, contained in ampoules formulated with a high concentration of 40% SCA Biorepair Technology that can help reduce the signs of skin aging also caused by unregulated exposure to the sun.
It helps skin exposed to aesthetic treatments such as peeling and laser treatments.

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SCA Biorepair technology 40%, Vitamin C

Endocare ampoules are SCA Biorepair technology based and are enriched with an anti-radical and moisturizing complex. The synergism between these active ingredients visibly aids a reduction of wrinkles and restores vitality in seconds. This product helps to prevent and treat damage from exposure to the sun. It helps reduce the effects of acne treatments. It is useful after aesthetic treatments such as peeling, laser treatment or before an important evening.

Gently shake the ampoule, break the top using the supplied vial and apply on the face, neck and neckline. We recommend treatment once a day.