Endocare Cellage Pro Gel Cream

Revitalizing and re-texturizing anti-wrinkle gel.
IFC-CAF face-revitalizing and retouching face cream, rich in growth factors that act on the mother’s skin cells and helps enhance skin rejuvenation from the inside, and WhartonGel® Complex, which helps repair and stimulate the proper functioning of cells, increasing density in the layers of skin.
Light cream with a non-comedogenic fluid gel texture, acts at the source of aging, reducing and preventing wrinkles, thanks to the two technologies.
Suitable for normal-to-fatty skins.

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Cantabria Labs- CAF, WhartonGel® Complex.

A light cream with a gel texture based on two new patented technologies that completely stimulate cell renewal and repair and act at the origin of aging. IFC-CAF enhances skin restructuring from within. WhartonGel® Complex repairs and stimulates the proper functioning of the cells by increasing the density of skin layers. Its non-comedogenic fluid texture is suitable for normal-to-fatty skins.

Apply 1-2 times a day evenly on the face, neck and lower neck, gentlly massaging until it is fully absorbed.