Endocare Day Sense SPF 30

Rejuvenating and emollient moisturizing cream.
Daily fluid emulsion with 2% SCA with a moisturizing and soothing effect.
Its soothing and refreshing effect makes it suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive, and is a valuable daily protection thanks to the dual protection system (SPF30 + Non-Reactive System).

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SCA Biorepair technology SCA 2%, Non-Reactive System (Physavie, Calmosensine), Ultra Moisturizing Complex (Hygroplex Hhg, Pentavitine, Diffouporine)

Contains SCA Biorepair technology, derived from research on irritated skin or skin subject to aggressive agents, providing complete protection, deep moisture and a sense of well-being in a single product. It has a dual protection (SPF30 + Non-Reactive System) and regeneration system against environmental aggressions and irritating agents that alter the balance of comfort of the skin. The formula contains no parabens, perfume, comedogenics, hypoallergenics. Suitable for any skin type.

Apply in the morning on the face and neck. Allows use of make-up after its application.