Endocare Day SPF 30

Regenerating and protective fluid.
Daily moisturizing fluid with revitalizing effect suitable for all skin types.
ENDOCARE DAY SPF 30 gives complete protection and deep moisturizing, giving the skin a fresh, bright and revitalized look.
With SCA at 2%, which helps to enhance skin regeneration processes and with a Hydra max hydration.

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SCA Biorepair technology, Hygroplex, Pentavitine

Full protection and deep moisturizing in a single product. For fresh, light and revitalized skin. It contains a high hydration factor along with SCA Biorepair Technology, which enhances skin regeneration processes. It protects against environmental aggression and has a strong regenerative effect. With SPF 30.

Apply in the morning on facial and neck skin to be cleansed. Also used as a basis for makeup.