Endocare Tensage Ampoules

Regenerating and firming ampoules.
Ampoules with firming and intense regenerating effect with immediate, moisturizing, toning and lifting effect.
Endocare Tensage Ampulas is a 50% SCA serum with antioxidant and revitalizing effect and ingredients with brightening properties. It makes the skin of the face, neck and lower part of the neck shinier, uniform, toned and young looking.

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SCA Biorepair technology 50%, Tensderm®, Eptapeptides (Argireline and Seriseline), Schiarenti (Albatina, Alistina, Natriquest), Moisturizers (dermaflux and hydromanil)

A formulation which combines SCA Biorepair technology with a bleaching and regenerating effect that reduces blemishes caused by exposure to the sun, it improves skin tone and facial lines. It helps to increase the brightness of the face. Combined with facial rejuventation aesthetic techniques, it shortens recovery times and ensures the benefits last a a long time.

Shake the ampoule gently, break the top using the supplied vial opener and spout and apply the contents on the face, neck and lower part of the neck. Each ampoule is enough for three days of treatment.