Endocare Tensage Cream

Rejuvenating Firming Cream.
Firming cream that helps effectively counteract the loss of turgor and facial skin elasticity caused by aging and unregulated exposure to the sun of mature skin.
Nutrition and tensor effect, it helps maintain skin elasticity by redefining the lines on the face.
With 6% SCA, antioxidant and revitalizing properties, it helps prevent signs of aging, making the skin more toned and supple.
Suitable for normal dry skin.

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SCA Biorepair technology 6%, Tensderm®

It has regenerating, repairing and antioxidant effect, giving the face a more defined shape. Relaxing and nourishing, it gives resistance and elasticity to damaged skin. It is a specific treatment against the loss of turgor of the face in mature skin.

Apply on cleansed facial and neck skin.