Cosmetici Magistrali Ètas Contorno Occhi

Decongestant anti-aging cream
Time blocking treatment for intense eye anti-aging effect. Helps decongestion and draining of the areas around your eye. A warming sensation is a sign that the product is working.

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Based on Ètas TimeBlock Factor® Complex Antiage: Extract of Beech, Humus lupulus, Fatty Acid, Sericin and Vitamin E. Enriched with Escina and Aloe Vera for decongestant and soothing effect.

Ètas Contorno Occhi visibly reduces signs of aging thanks to the exclusive combination of the latest generation of Time Block Factor® active substances that performs a powerful anti-radical, elasticizing and moisturizing effect. The formulation of Ètas Contorno Occhi is also enriched with Aloe Vera and Escina for an intense decongestant effect. Recommended in the case of loss of elasticity and brightness of the eye, eye bags, dark circles.

Take only one measure of the product and apply with delicate movements starting from the temples and following the eye orbit to the part next to the nose attachment then back up to the arch above the eyebrows.