Eutrosis 30

Cheratonormalizing emollient cream.
Cheratonormalizing emollient cream, based on 30% urea stabilized in glycospheres, which adheres to skin dryness conditions. Its ease of application makes it a cream suitable for daily use.

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30% urea in glycospheres

It is a cream fee of dyes, parabens and perfumes, which normalizes the functional activities of dry, hypercheratosic and thick skin. For dry skin with an altered cellular replacement, like psoriatic skin, the moisturizing, moisturizing, soothing and cherato-normalizing substances contribute to making the skin soft and moisturized. The smoothing effect on the skin is due to the presence of an innovative 30% stabilized glycosphonic urea formulation: the result is a smooth and elastic skin with no anti-aesthetic thickening. Suitable for hydration of dry, keratinous or scaly skin.

Apply twice daily to affected areas of the body, in localized or extensive areas. Massage gently to help absorption. It is not greasy, does not blemish and can also be applied during the day.