Light coloured sunscreen.
Colour photoprotector that effectively protects against UV radiation, giving the skin a pleasant and natural colouration.
Suitable for daily use throughout the year, for those who want sunscreen without sacrificing the underlying effect of a base.
With a light texture and easily spreadable, it is a product suitable for any type of skin that is light in colour.

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Fernblock® UVA-UVB Green Tea Filter Complex

It protects against UV rays thanks to patented Fernblock® technology. Heliocare colour GelCream is lightweight, has an easily spreadable texture, and is suitable for any skin type. It effectively combines high photoimmunoprotective effect with an impeccable aesthetic result. It is especially suitable for those who want to have a colourful and protected skin throughout the year.

Apply a small amount of product on the face and areas to be protected them and then distribute gently.