Ultra Gel SPF 50+ for normal or mixed skin.
Photo protector with very high sun protection against UVA/UVB rays.
Ultra-sensitive skin gel for particularly sensitive skin especially when skin is very clear or light (Phototype I or II).
For daily use, with UVA/UVB complex filter based on physical and chemical filters, it provides adequate UV protection.
Heliocare Gel 50+ contains: 1% Fernblock, based on Polypodium leucotomos with an antioxidant effect, to help prevent photo-aging.

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Fernblock® UVA-UVB filtering complex, Ultrasomes, Sunspheres, Fitosfingosine

The UVA/UVB filtering complex based on physical and chemical filters ensures adequate skin protection. Heliocare Ultra Gel 50+. Thanks to patented Fernblock® technology, it has an antioxidant and photoimmunoprotective effect.

Apply uniformly before exposure to the sun. Apply again at least every 3 hours or even more frequently in case of a bath.