OMNISKIN 500 Cream

Moisturizing and elasticizing cream.
rich but not greasy moisturizer specifically as an adjunct for dry skin (xerosis) and skin thickening (hyperkeratosis).
Supple and moisturizing effect thanks to the presence of Trealix, while its Urea and Allantoin help to visibly attenuate, without irritating, the superficial skin thickening of delicate skin, giving it a soft and smooth appearance.

SKU: 8b6a80c3cf2c Categories: , Tags: , Formati: Dispenser 500 mlIngredienti principali: Urea 10%, Trealix, Allantoin

Contains Trealix, an exclusive functional agent that simulates the natural moisturizing factor (NMF) composition because of the high content of polysaccharides and vegetable amino acids, with moisturizing, elasticizing and repairing properties. The presence of 10% Urea and Allantoin smoothes skin, quickly smoothing skin thickening. Suitable for delicate and tendentially intolerant skin.

Apply the cream on deterrent skin on a daily basis. Repeat the application in the morning and evening.