Cosmetici Magistrali Pure Perfection Smoothing Anti-aging Ampoules

Antiage Gentle Ampoules
Concentrated treatment with the exclusive Instant Renewal Complex based on Vitamin A derivatives.

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Instant Renewal Complex 20%

Vitamin A enhances turn-over, smoothing and visibly softening the depth of wrinkles, and cellular regeneration. The signs of age, wrinkles and skin blemishes will be visibly attenuated. Skin will look smoother, brighter, toned, and supple. Suitable for mature thick and irregularskin.

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Apply with a gentle massage on dry skin on the face, neck and lower part of the neck. The contents of the ampoule are dosed for at least 2 applications. If necessary, close the ampoule with the dosing spout provided and store in a cool place and it is recommended to use the SPF 50 sunscreen during the day and it is recommended that you rinse your face in the morning before applying daytime treatment.