Cosmetici Magistrali Pure Perfection Unyfying Brightener Ampoules

Brightening and uniforming treatment
Concentrated treatment based on the exclusive Istant Radiance Complex with uniform and immediate brightening effect.

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Instant Radiance Complex 1,5%

“The White Lupine peptide helps to stimulate skin microcirculation and enhances re-oxygenation, giving new brightness to the face with anti-wrinkle effect. The Fruit Antioxidant Pool (Hazelnut Oil and Watermelon Oil, Morinda Extracts Citrifolia, Apple, Citrus fruits) reduces skin blemishes and prevents them from reoccurring, and skin will have a fresh, uniform colour and the blemishes will appear to be attenuated, suitable for skin that is out of colour and not uniform.

Apply with a gentle massage on dry skin on the face, neck and lower part of the neck. The contents of the ampoule are dosed for at least 2 applications. If necessary, close the ampoule with the dosing spout provided and store in a cool and dry place.